Good morning and Happy Sabbath,

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but I’ve been a little bit shy and then I saw someone but up a video on the same matter and that motivated me to finally share my thoughts.

As an adolescent up until teenage hood I crazed about having the perfect bikini body, pretty much as most girls do, on some days I’d succeed and on other days I didn’t. As I began to grow older, I began to develop stretchmarks (YES, I WENT THERE) and I hated every part of it, I began to feel like my masterpiece had been tampered with (Yes I just called my body a work of art). I tried to use oils to hide them and it helped a bit but they still existed, I remember one day my friend Noni told me “they’re here to stay”.

Then I had a conversation with some of my classmates and one asked me what I would do if I was in a bikini and a guy came up to me and handed me Bio oil, unfortunately at the time I gave an answer that I am not proud of. With hindsight though I would have responded differently (that feeling when you think of a better come back at home).

First of all, this master piece that I have been blessed with is mine alone, I do not dress it for the desire of men and secondly I would never surround myself with such an immature boy who chooses to minimize my beauty to some marks. So guess what, this coming Summer break (whoop whoop, i’d have graduated!) this melanin filled masterpiece is going to be in a bikini at the coast and I shall give zero care to anybody’s opinion.

Ladies embrace your body, keep it healthy because you only get to have one in this life.  The images are courtesy of google but I will definitely join the movement soon #Loveyourlines




4 thoughts on “LOVE YOUR LINES

  1. You’re not the painter, just the art. Anything that comes naturally to your body just adds to the painter’s masterpiece. Accepting the marks of perfect imperfection is always a good thing. Kudos.
    *Mapenzi.Love* 🙂

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