10 ways to spot a Freshie

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As September marks 2 years of my stay in the U.K., I have decided to dedicate a post to all the freshies like my self. I will be pointing out 10 differences between freshies and an African British students.

Fresh of the Boat


1.Newly immigrated, especially without having yet assimilated the host country’s language, culture, and/or behavior. 

Also known as Freshies


It is common for freshies to carry hints of the continent in their accents, I find this particularly common in students from the West and South of Africa. However, we still occasionally get the “you speak such good English” because they are still ignorant people who seem to be so out of touch with history. On the other hand they are African uncles who go abroad for two weeks and acquire accents.  Take home is Love Yours!

2. Use of Africa
An British Born African may be excused for saying they  travelled to “Africa” for the holidays  as they may have lost connections to their country whereas a freshie should know better and name the country!

3. Native Language
Many Kenyan freshies do not speak their native language as they may perceive it as uncool whereas some Kenyans in the U.K. may be found speaking their native language fluently. This is because their parents wish to pass on their culture to their kids through language.
4. Socialization

British Born Africans usually stick together and are likely to be found running societies like the African Caribbean Society. They are more accustomed to the West African culture whereas freshies are stick together in societies such as the East African Society. 

5. Hair styles

8 out of 10 times if you spot a girl rocking a Brazilian wig and a fully beat face of make up she is likely to be African British. Whereas freshies are more likely to rocking neat braids they installed whilst visiting home.

6. Home Towns

Africans generally seem to love big towns.  Britian Born Africans are likely to live in areas like London, Birmingham and Nottingham whereas freshies often live in Leki, Nairobi or Kampala.

7. Casual Work
Freshies rarely work casual jobs because of the hefty pocket money they receive from their parents. In fact you are likely to find a freshie’s parents asking things like ” Did I send you abroad to study or work”? 

Whereas the local Africans are more likely to work as they are more accustomed to the Western culture. Freshies job is to pop champagne bottles in the club using their parents money.

8. Courses
Freshies are more likely to be studying courses like law, actuarial or computer science. This is because a traditional African parent would not send their child abroad to study art or music. They will worry where their child will get a job. Whereas local can study their chosen course because they receive a student loan. However this is not always the case, in fact I will get a fellow freshie studying art to share her experience on here soon.

9. Music and Culture

Black British kids have created their own genre of music called grime. Freshies are more likely to be jamming to afro beats at social gatherings (pre drinks) whereas oldies are more likely to be jamming to grime. This is not definitive though.

10. Religion

Oddly enough I have come to find that Black British students are often more in the faith than international students. Although generally Africans and Carribeans tend to be those that still heavily believe in Christianity.
Disclaimer – the above tips are not facts and do not represent the experiences of all Africans. I don’t purport to be the African ambassador , I am just a Kenyan freshie sharing my versions of events.
Kind Regards,

Kylie Achieng. 


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