Taking Stock


Making: money this summer! Decided to work, work, work!

Eating: a lot of unhealthy food lately. Issa Holiday though!

Drinking: Water! Although I am still not staying as hydrates as I should be. It’s real summer in England.

Reading: more of the Bible! Trying to get my daily bread.

Wanting: to take a girls holiday trip somewhere in the Carribean.

2017-04-19 14.03.36

Playing: Nairobi- Mayonde, If- Davido and Come Closer- Wiz Kid

Wasting: less and less time these days, adulting is a real ting!

Sewing: and mending my life after some minor set backs and heart break

Wishing: I could give my mum a hug, she is my everything!

Enjoying: womanhood.  I am developing into an amazing woman and i’m here for it! Times two!

2017-04-15 14.43.12

Liking: my new outlook of life. The amount of growth i’ve made over the past few months amazes me.

Wondering: what my grades will look like this year.

Loving: my newly strenghthened relationship with God. Despite challenge after challenge I continue to put my trust in Him.

2017-04-15 14.53.29

Hoping: to take this blog thing to the next level. So tell a friend to tell a friend.

Marveling: at how fast human beings forget. People forget all the amazing things you do for them but the people that you least expect come through for you.

Needing: to fall even more deeply in love with myself and my own company.  I need to be more selfish with my time and company.

Smelling: like Miracle by Lancome. I am currently obsessed with the scent, although sadly it all leaked in my hand bag. Anyone trying to come through with a gift!

Wearing: my dira as I enjoy my last few days of freedom before the hard work commences.

Following: more and more Kenyan Youtubers! Nancy Mwai, Adelle Onyango, Joanne Kinuthia etc. Lovely seeing Kenyans penetrating that market.

Noticing: that women have so much power.  I recently Rewatched the press conference where the late first lady got the former Kenyan president to confirm that she was his only wife. RIP to the Iron Lady.

2017-04-15 14.43.12

Knowing: that God is intentional and victorious. All things are working for my good because He is never failing. Nyasaye ber seche duto! I have no fear of the future.

Thinking: more and more of myself and trying to make the best decisions for my future.

Feeling: more and more emotional these days. I feel like I have so much love to give and i’m ready to dish it out to my family and friends!

Bookmarking: memories in my life and certain Bible verses that I know will anchor me in the right direction.

Opening: up my mind up to thriller movies! Rafikis I get so anxious watching movies, like I literally cannot deal with build ups. I get too invested in the story line so I usually  stick to reality TV. However I’m slowly opening up to movies.

Giggling: at Kenyan memes and facebook comments! There is currently to much fire in the comment section, I love the entertainment, people should get degrees for all the arguing going on!

Feeling : like a strong, beautiful, smart and independent woman. I am more than enough and so are you sweetie, dont you forget it.



Taking stock – End of year

Hujambo, what a beautiful day

Yay December finally arrived!  That means ‘It’s my birthday, It’s my birthday, I’mma  spend your money ‘(as my mum would sing). Feel free to send some love my way, hehe jk. The down side is that I’m growing older as growth comes responsibility.

Anyway enough with the mambo jambo, hope you enjoy this episode of my taking stock.

Making: more attempts to meet new people.

Cooking: Microwave Maggie noodles, because I got catered accommodation.  I can’t wait to cook  for myself next year.

Drinking: more Tesco Sparkling Spring Flavoured water, thanks to a flatmate of mine.

Reading: Chimamanda’s Americanah (living in a western country, I feel like I can relate to it)

Wanting: to learn how to braid my own hair, because it’s a struggle out here.

Playing: Sauti sol’s new album (Live and Die in Afrika)

Wasting: a lot of time in bed (to be fair it’s my way of adjusting to the cold)

Creating: life long relationships

Wishing: I get that birthday gift mum and dad have been promising me.

Enjoying: the fact that I am able to be independent and make choices that are best for me

Wondering: why I’m so inconsistent with my talents and blog.

Loving: Being Mary Jane, I even cry during some episodes.

Hoping: that I enjoy my first birthday and Christmas away from home.

Needing: some more spiritual time in my life,

Smelling: Nuit and Jour Pour Femme by Hugo Boss (prefer the day scent to the night one)

Wearing: jeans and my bomber jacket ( as Makena would say my sense of style has changed, that is on most days when I’m not in my pjs or sweats)

Noticing: the growth I’ve made over the years.

Knowing: that I  am blessed beyond measure and using that knowledge to keep grounded.

Thinking: about my holiday plan for the Christmas break, a big thank you to everyone who has offered me a place to stay.

Feeling: more comfortable and at home in Canterbury

Bookmarking: Act like a lady, think like a man and 48 Laws of Power.

Giggling: at Real House Helps of Kawangware

Taking stock- half way there

Good morning, I’ve decided to do a taking stock post, considering that it has been half a year since I did the last post. Last year December this started out as just an idea and here I am half a year later, still at it, I can’t believe people actually read the stuff I write, thank you all for your continued support. Don’t mind the fact that i’m a week late into the month.

Making:or at least trying to redesign and organize my room.

Cooking: more (not as much as I should be, having a sister chef to blame for that) trying to prepare for University

Drinking: more mango juice, in Diani I struggled because the hotel didn’t serve any.

Reading: I intend to start “How to own your own corporation” and the “Proverbs” lesson (the end times are here and I want to be among the number)

Wanting: to find my true self, after being challenged to do so. Yes Bukachi, I’m still at it

Playing: Alright by Kendrick Lamar because he is my husband

Wasting: no time or at least trying to make the most of each day.

Creating: a new business idea in the near future

Wishing: I start University this September at ….  (will confirm the name as soon as it’s final)

Enjoying: my holiday, like seriously Diani was amazing.

Wondering: what to blog about, I have a serious case of the writers block.

Loving: the idea of starting a new chapter in my life (Oh that bitter sweet feeling) . Also Lupita is in town

Hoping: I will make new friends and maintain my old ones as I start the new chapter of life.

Needing: some inspiration or boost, like of late I’ve been a mess especially in terms of my creativity

Smelling: roses

Wearing: my pajamas as I type away in bed at 7 am

Noticing: that relationships change and that you have to go out of your way to make them work

Knowing: that GOD has a plan for my life and that the evil one is the root of all this anxiety ( I don’t mean the psychological disorder) Shindwe !

Thinking: about everything that is going on the world- gay marriage, trans gender,  but in particular the Ordination of women in the Seventh Day Adventist church (Lord give me wisdom to truly understand your Truth and Word)

Feeling: more anxious about the major decisions I make now

Bookmarking Watching: a lot of more of Kenyan films and plays, it might have to do with Lupita being in town but on the real I miss being on the stage.

Giggling: I am at a point of self reflection, seriously seeking for answers.


Taking Stock

Making: my circle bigger

Eating: a lot of chicken lately, I guess my mother being a chicken farmer and it being the holiday season explains why.

Drinking: and loving the Mango Fruit Full juice.

Reading: I think, I haven’t the perfect read for me yet in terms of books but, I’m enjoying reading people’s blogs.

Wanting: a cute phone cover, my friend has an adorable one and we have the same phone, Christine watch out if yours goes missing you know who took it.

Playing: Young Rich, really inspiring how Kenyan folks are making their money. Heshan De Silva’s was probably the best episode for me. Also currently playing Kanye’s Only One and loving it.

Wasting: a lot of time and yet I should probably be spending studying for my finals

Sewing: I’m not sure if this count’s as sowing but a Maasai head piece that I learned to make at the Maasai Mara

Wishing: everyone an Amazing and Rewarding 2015! Happy New Year!

 Enjoying: the woman I’m becoming, I’ve been doing a lot more of speaking out and expressing my self lately.

Liking: The Maasai Neck pieces, like the ones that are like choker necklaces and hang really low, I actually got myself a blue one, so excited to wear it.

Wondering: why this whole “dark skin women aren’t beautiful” nonsense still exists, at the end of the day we are all black.

Loving:  and missing Scandal and How to get away with murder, I guess even Shonda Rhimes had to take a Christmas break and the Mac Ruby Woo lipstick and there two in one double mascara thing (I forget what it’s called)

Hoping: to change the world, guess you can call me a dreamer, also that I get into a particular University.

Marveling: at how big Kylie Achieng Jr. has become and how beautiful she is.

Needing: to focus more on my Spirituality.

Smelling: Chance by Coco Channel, my father is the best.

Wearing: pajamas, because I’ve been so lazy of late.

Following: Sulli Breaks, he is the greatest Spoken word artist I know.

Noticing: how much work I have to catch up with and it scares me.

Knowing: that I have to dare to fail in order to succeed and that I should also act like a know less around people because there is so much to learn from everyone else

Thinking: about my future a lot more lately.

Feeling: mixed emotions about a post that I have been working on since last year (yes pun intended). Hint: It’s called I’ll be your voice and it’s pretty deep.

Bookmarking: the 8th of June, only A level students particularly A2 students know the struggle.

Opening: a lot of gifts lately, don’t I love December.

Giggling: at the YouTube series “Kids React To”

Feeling : myself (loving me Bey and Nicki) and like I can achieve anything I set my mind to.